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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday's recap of Tuesday

Happy hump day!

This post is obviously a bit late.  My energy level today (when I wasn't teaching) was practically negative.  I spent a lot of the day lying on the couch and in pain (more on that later).

Yankees game was last night and it rocked my socks!  My sister and I acted like we had never before been out in public.  We were so excited by the seats and all they had to offer.  Here are some pics.

First we started with dinner in the Legends Club.  Sam from Top Chef was the guest chef.  I LOVE him.  He was awesome (and quite easy on the eyes) and took a pic with me and my sis.
The view from our seats.
A nice shot of one of the home runs.
My sis and I by the dugout after the game.
The night was great fun!  All the food and non-alcoholic drinks were included, so needless to say, we chowed.  Plus, the Yanks won, always a bonus!

So the pain...I'm not sure exactly what happened but I seem to have injured myself during my softball game.  Seems like maybe I pulled one of the muscles by my ribs.  So breathing hurts and coughing is unthinkable.  It's kind of odd because it's onset was delayed, but I'm sure it will pass.

Both classes were great today, which I needed since my energy level was a bit low due to the pain factor and the extreme heat.

Off to veg on the couch, more to come tomorrow!

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