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In hopes of making this site as useful as possible, I've added a "points" page.

After joining Weight Watchers I thought it might be helpful to keep a list of chain restaurant point values that I've calculated.

Feel free to use them (or ignore them).  I'll try to update this as I add items.

Ruby Tuesday's
Chicken fresco - 10
BBQ grilled chicken - 7
Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce - 9
Skewered shrimp - 10
Biscuit - 3
Mashed cauliflower - 4
Spaghetti squash - 1

Panera Bread
Roasted turkey harvest salad (no dressing, no pecans) - 8
Fuji apple salad (no dressing, no Gorgonzola, no pecans) - 6
Asian chicken salad (no wontons) - 7
Cobb salad (no Greek dressing, sub in reduced fan ranch) - 10
Full size reduced fat ranch dressing - 2
Full size light Asian sesame vinaigrette dressing - 1
Baked Lays potato chips - 3
Whole grain baguette - 5
Asiago roast beef sandwich (no cheese, sub rye for asiago bread) - 13