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Monday, September 13, 2010

Trampy trainers

Hehehe.  Fun title, right?

This topic has come up a bunch in conversations lately.  I obviously know quite a few trainers, both male and female.  And what I'm seeing more and more is that in many cases male trainers are trouble.  Not trouble to train with, but trouble in terms of wandering eyes and extracurricular activities (putting it nicely).

Just today my friend told me a story about a male instructor who is simultaneously sleeping with quite a few women, most of whom he met through his class.

Which made me wonder how many other male trainers/fitness professionals that I knew were doing the same. 

Look at the evidence.  Most of the trainers are good looking.  They may train both males and females but we all know that females don't mind working out with a good looking trainer.  These clients may be young and single or older and married, but regardless, they usually come to love their trainers, maybe even developing crushes.  Which just makes things easy for the trainer, should they wish to go in that direction.

Again, I don't have concrete evidence for any of the guys that I know, but I am quite curious and plan on looking in to this further.

What has your experience been?

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