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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Spin Ride Saturday

Since I initially started this blog with the intent of posting spin rides and have been slacking, I'm going to work on fixing that.

The plan...Spin Ride Saturdays.

This one is called Summer and my creative names.  Ha!  I have both a 45 and 60 minute version for this one so I'll include both. 

45 Minute

Beautiful Day, U2 - 4:08
Warm up

Hot in Here, Nelly - 3:50
Seated climb, the fun begins.  Don't let it get too heavy, there's still a bunch of climbing to come.

California Gurlz, Katie Perry feat. Snoop - 3:54
Come out to standing 2 for a run.  On the chorus come out to three for speed bursts.  Then back to the run, and so on.

Summertime - Will Smith - 4:30
Back to a seated climb.  At this point we're starting to feel that hill getting a little heavy.  Don't max out, still 2 more songs to go.

Summerlove - Justin Timberlake - 4:13
Alternate 30 seconds in the saddle with 30 seconds out in 3.  Add resistance as you wish but remember there's still one more climbing song to go, so let's not try to kill our riders. :)

Heat of the Moment, Asia - 3:52
Standing climb, let's finish up this hill.  Picking up the pace on the chorus, very heavy in the end.

I Get Around, Beach Boys - 2:15

Sweat (A La La La La Long), Inner Circle - 3:45
Light climb, jumping (6 or 4 counts) on the chorus.  Add a little resistance throughout to be sure that everyone feels a moderate hill by the end of the song.

Sandstorm, Darude - 3:45
There are two one minute sprints on a hill on this song.  The first starts at :29 the second is 2:29 (i think).  It's nearly impossible to go slow to this song, it just breeds energy.  Remember, it's a sprint, but it's seated on a hill so the legs shouldn't look out of control.

Cruel Summer, Bananarama - 3:26
Don't touch the resistance from the previous song.  Climbing, your choice as to the saddle/standing mix up.

Panama, Van Halen - 3:32
Final song.  Big hill.  Out in 3, adding resistance to get to a heavy hill.  If I'm sensing good energy I'll make them go from standing 3 to the saddle for 5 counts each.  Mix it up, have fun, but make them work as it's the last song.

Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffett - 4:10
Cool down

Now here's the 60 minute version, use the same beginning including Cruel Summer, then skip Panama and use the following songs.

Summer Rain, ATB - 4:23
Heavy climb, ideally out of the saddle.  Play with pace and resistance.

All Summer Long, Kid Rock - 4:59
Recover.  This is a long song so I usually have those that feel up for it put a light road on and pick up their pace to a slightly uncomfortable level.

Good Vibrations, Marky Mark - 4:30
Seated climb, moderate hill.  Adding some resistance throughout but try to keep it moderate/heavy.

Boys of Summer, the Ataris - 4:18
Moderate hill still, sprinting against the resistance on the chorus.  Feel free to add as the song progresses, thus challenging them further on each sprint.

Panama, Van Halen - 3:32
Heavy hill, just like in the 45 minute version.  Last effort.

Cool down

While the summer is definitely on it's way out, it might be fun to do a themed ride in February or March, maybe even buying some leis or something silly like that.  Just an idea.

Happy spinning!

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Anonymous said...

I was just telling my cyclists we were going to do a summer time ride in February to get rid of winter blahs but.... we are having spring like weather here!! I know I know, your getting all the snow!! I like the idea :-)