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Monday, September 6, 2010

Knee jerk reaction

I realized I never followed up on my knee and my appointment with the orthopedist.  Not that I think you've all been waiting with bated breath, but I figured I should follow through.

So the doc said he thinks it might be my medial meniscus.  Which is way better than it being one of the ligaments.  He did find it strange that it would start bothering me without any sort of injury to spark it.  He said that if I were older and not in shape it would be possible that it would have just been worn down over time, but since I'm not he wasn't so sure what may have caused the issue.  Perhaps I had an injury but didn't register it as an injury.  Just a thought.

So the next step is an MRI, but since my insurance isn't the best, we're taking a conservative approach and first doing Aleve/ice every day.  I'll go back in a bit under a month and if there's been no improvement we'll move forward with an MRI.  So more to come.  No difference yet, but it's early.

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