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Friday, September 3, 2010

Follow Up

My post yesterday got some interesting reactions and since it's been on my mind I figured I'd write a quick follow up regarding a couple of the points.

I realized that while the word "nurturing" wouldn't be used to describe me, the words "caring" and "helpful" would be.  Case in point, someone desperately needed a spin sub today at 9a, I was already teaching at 6a so I didn't really want to do it, but she was in need, so I caved.  I do go out of my way to be helpful to those I care about.  But if you come to me whining about having a cold, all you'll get from me is a feel better and maybe some Advil. :)

Which brings me to another thing, which I think most people would agree with.

I don't like complainers
Don't just complain and wonder why things don't change, make those changes happen.  If you're sick, rest up and take meds.  If you're unhappy, take steps to do things that make you happy.  In case you're wondering, I do practice what I preach.
Thankfully I don't encounter complainers too often. :)

And the kids thing...
I'm not some evil monster who wishes bad things on children.  Hardly that.  If you've met me you know that I am in fact a giant child so there's definitely some irony in my discomfort around kids.
I can and will happily be around a friend's children, I'm just in no rush to get one of my own.

Better?  Do I seem like less of a monster?


Wendy @ Seriously Sassy said...

Ya know, I really hear you on the not really enjoying kids thing. I often find kids absolutely adorable, AND I often find kids extremely irritation and annoying. I applaud your honesty. Seems like a lot of people take having kids too lightly. It is an ENORMOUS responsiblity and a CRAPLOAD OF HARD WORK.
We have one child and love her to the ends of the earth. We do not plan to have any more. ONE IS ENOUGH!

Jessica said...

Hey Wen! (anyone call you that?)
I totally agree, having kids is a serious commitment and not to be entered into lightly.
I'd never bring a child in to the world unless I knew I was doing it for the right reasons and could give them everything they deserve.

And yeah, I can tell from my friends that it's a lot of work.

Thanks for making me feel better. :)