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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Are you a lurker?

As I'm getting more involved in the blog world, I'm amazed to see the traffic that some blogs get.  In addition, I've noticed the trend of giveaways, a great way to get people involved with your blog.

While I'm not yet ready to do a giveaway (I don't think I have the traffic), I do want to do a tease for the giveaway that I will do once I know who is out there reading.

Here's what I'm going to give away.

No, not all of them, but one of them.

What are they?  No, not snakes on my floor.  Resistance tubes/bands!  As you can see I have three different thicknesses on the standard style.  In addition I have one double tube that has a loop in the middle that allows you to fasten the tube to something stable (like a railing). 

Disclaimer:  These are not new.  I will however do my best to make them nice and clean before sending them your way.

When I do this giveaway, you'll get to choose which one you want.  Sounds fun, right?  There are about a million different exercises that can be done with resistance bands, so they are a great tool to have in the arsenal.

But first, I need more traffic.  I need to know people are reading this blog.  So if you're a lurker (meaning you read but never comment), take this opportunity to say hello.  No pressure, I don't bite.

If you enjoy reading this blog and have a blog, I'd love a link on your site. 

If you like any of my posts (spin rides, recipes, whatever), share a link on facebook or another site.

When I'm convinced that people are reading (and enjoying) my blog, I'll activate the giveaway.  Ideally in a couple of weeks.

You like?


Lynn said...

I'm not a lurker...I'm a commenter. How do I link it to facebook?

Marianne said...

Me too! love reading your blog and others about fitness and spinning

Jessica said...