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Friday, September 24, 2010


Two posts in one day, but this is just a quickie.

I'm looking for input.

What do you think of the music from Glee?  Do you listen?  Have instructors been using it in classes?  How would you feel if they did?

I'm up in the air and right now toying with the idea of throwing some of the shorter songs in as recovery or pre or post class tunes.

Was wondering what others think.  Let me know!


Darcy said...

Hi there! I was wondering the same thing. I have mixed feelings about the music, but I know a lot of people who love it!

Jamie said...

i am not that into it, but like you said, some people would be into it!

Jessica said...

I'm testing it out tomorrow.

I have two +/- 2 minute recovery songs that are both from glee.

My Saturday class is one of my favorites so I will definitely solicit opinions after.

Personally I think some Glee songs are way better than others, but they're all a little "off". Which I guess is the point.

Darcy - Thanks for the comment! Love your blog :)

James - Thanks as usual

Wendy @ Seriously Sassy said...

Dooooo iiiiiiitt!!