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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

behind (no, not that one!)

I'm a little bit behind the blogging ball again.  My apologies.

This morning as I was driving to class, I had all these great topics in my mind and now that I'm actually in front of the computer, they seem to have disappeared.  Bloggers block?

So as you may have noticed, I had asked for input on Glee music, then went ahead and put two (short) songs in my latest ride.  This week was the much talked about Britney Spears episode so I DVR'ed it and sat down to watch about an hour after it's air time.

Let's just say I'm definitely not a Gleek.  Yes, some of the music is OK, but overall, the show does NOTHING for me.  Am I alone here?  Not sure if I'll keep giving it a shot or remove it from the DVR and live a Glee-less life.

Fans?  Foes?

I'm also watching the Event, although I'm one week behind and am not exactly sure what I think of it.  I think it's going to go a little sci-fi and that's not my cup of tea.  Not writing it off yet.

Last night was an example of the power of exercise and why exercise will always be my drug of choice.

I wasn't feeling great yesterday.  I was overall run down, with a bit of a head/ear/face ache.  But it was boxing night and I hate to miss the class, so I dragged myself to the gym.

Did a quick 15 minutes on the arc trainer to get my sweat on and then took class.  True, when we ran at the beginning of class I did more of a jog, but mid-way through the class I was feeling fine and my energy level was up.  It never ceases to amaze me!

This morning I was going to sub out my class but instead chose to teach but take it easy.  I am one of those instructors who is right there with you, I'm telling you to work hard and you're listening because I'm working hard as well.  Due to the beginning of a few injuries I feel that I need to take it easy.  My goal was to try and teach off the bike.  Wow, that's hard.  I ended up on the bike not pedalling, walking around, standing in front, and then back on the bike riding.  I had no clue what to do with myself for the 45 minutes off the bike.

If you instruct, do you teach off the bike?  If you take spin classes, what do your instructors do?

OK, time to prep for class.

My song of the moment:  Just a Dream by Nelly


Marianne said...

Hi Jessica,
I also teach cycle and just got certified also in Les Mills Bodypump. I go for my 'audition' tomorrow which I hear is HARD! Anyway, I have never taught of the bike and I know Cynthia was asking the same question. I think it would be hard, I like to do the workout just as if I were taking the class. I walk around maybe once to push some of the cyclists extra hard and to check on my new cyclists than it's back on the bike!
How was game night?

Jessica said...

Hey Marianne,
I saw that Cynthia had written about something similar and she even did that day class that focused on coaching. It's definitely hard.
Congrats on Bodypump and hope the audition went well. I honestly don't know what Bodypump is and should really look it up since I'm always hearing about it.
Game night was fun! Thanks for asking.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!