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Friday, September 24, 2010

Location location location

Do you take group exercise classes?

If you do, where do you tend to stand/sit?  In the front of the class?  Off to one side?  In the back?  Do you always try to get the same spot/bike/machine?

When I was taking spin classes I liked to be right in front.  I didn't want to look at people's butts.  Yet I guess I didn't mind them looking at mine.  Now on the rare occasion that I do take a spin class, I stick to the back corner, let the others have the prime seats.

For fitness classes I also used to try and secure a spot with good mirror access.  I wanted to be able to watch my form.  Now, it depends on the class.  In boot camp I tend towards the back corner.  I know my form is OK so let the others be in better view of the instructor.  In boxing we run around too much to really have spots, but I do like to have a view of the mirror when we're stopped.

Yesterday my boot camp instructor (who I happen to be friends with) told me he wants me to be in the front.  Um, OK.  He said I was doing well and I should do that in the front, not in the back.  So I promised him that next time I take the class I'd be in the front.  I'm definitely not shy, so it's not an issue having people watching me, it's just a deviation from the norm.  But it's all good and I'll let you know in two weeks how the view from the front was.

Any good weekend plans out there?

A few of my college girls are coming to visit tomorrow.  We're kicking the get together off with a fitness activity.  Imagine that!  We're doing a private boxing class with my friend the boxing instructor.  Then at night we're hitting the town and I plan on wearing my sparkly shirt.  Woo hoo!

Have a fab weekend!  xoxo

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