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Friday, October 1, 2010

Finally friday...

While I am ecstatic that it is Friday, I'm going to start this post off on a more serious note.

Whether or not you know, I've (unfortunately) been out of work since May 2009.  I had a short term consulting position, but other than that I've been on the job hunt non-stop (more or less) for about 17 months now.  There's no sugar coated way to say this, it sucks.

Do you ever have days where it seems that everyone is moving forward yet you are incredibly stagnant?  People getting engaged, married, having babies, promotions at work, new jobs.  You name it, I feel surrounded by it.  And what's new by me?  A big fat NOTHING.

I am a very positive person and do try to make lemonade out of lemons but sometimes it's just not possible.  On those days I give myself permission to wonder what the #!$* is going on.  As long as the good days outnumber the bad, I think I'm OK.

OK, now that that's off my chest.

Tonight I'm hosting a GAME NIGHT.  I believe it will be just ladies and we'll dine on appetizers and play games.  Very much looking forward to it!

I was really stumped on what to serve and ended up with a hodge podge of cuisines and types of food.

What's on my menu?
  • Spinach balls of course!  (was going to skip them, but then had a request)
  • Hummus - made from scratch! my first time, so I'm psyched
  • Black bean and corn salsa (great recipe)
  • Tater tots (trader joe's) - my friend is bringing pigs in a blanket so i thought they'd be good compliment
  • Onion dip (what's a party without it?)
  • Veggie birds nests from TJ's - these are frozen so if they don't get used I'll try them another time
  • Butternut squash soup - yes, I know it doesn't really fit it, but it's been cool and rainy all day and I thought something autumnal would be perfect.  To make it more appetizer like we can eat it out of coffee mugs.
  • Brownies - thanks to Duncan Hines for these.  Used the lower fat version on the box and was pleasantly surprised
And then we'll see what others bring.  Should be good regardless!

Now I'm off to shower and do some last minute tidying up, not to mention take the immersion blender to the soup.  Enjoy your Friday evenings and have a fabulous weekend!! xoxoxo


Lynn said...

I tasted the butter nut squash soup at your parents house one day. It was YUMMY! Who would have guessed!!
and BTW, everybody has those down days...."stagnant" the perfect word. Tomorrow is a New Day...the words of an 84 yr old woman that we both know and love :) :) :)

Wendy @ Seriously Sassy said...

Mmm, your hogdge podge sounds yummy! I love it when there are tons of totally different kinds of food. My family used to do that for dinner every Sunday night and we called it a smorgasbord. :-)
How did your game night party go? Sounds like a blast!
I do know what you mean about feeling stagnant. Going through that right now to some degree, too.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!

Game Night was a success but we got caught up in a marathon round of Taboo and never got to play other games.

The but-nut soup was a hit and I'll post the recipe bc it was soooo easy!

Thanks for making me feel better about the stagnancy (is that a word?, looks eerily like pregnancy, yikes!).

Eenjoy the rest of the weekend!!