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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I've been a-missing

The recipe post was supposed to go up earlier in the week, but in true blogger fashion for some reason it didn't post when it was supposed to.  So the poor blog has been blank since last week.  Uh oh.

So here I am.

Last week my schedule got a little twisted around.  I ended up out late a bunch of nights in a row and not sleeping well, so everything suffered.  The weekend was good but I was still tired, then this week got off to a similar start.

Then Wednesday morning I woke up with the beginning of a COLD.  Yuck!  I'm feeling OK today, but not great.  Going to just focus on eating well and resting up.  I'm visiting my girlies in Philly this weekend and want to be in tip-top shape (or as close as possible).

I'll try to do a better post tomorrow, but just wanted to apologize and explain.  Stay healthy!!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

rest up and get better! love you jess!