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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

scaling back, or trying to

The plan today was to try and make a dent in all the leftover veggies that I have from game night, yet all I want to eat are the leftover spinach balls and tater tots.  I will try to overcome, but it may end up being more of a hybrid sort of day.  Hopefully the veggies can hang in there until Thursday.

This morning I did something that I never do, I turned down someone when they asked me to sub for their spin class.  I never do this.  I am Old Faithful and am always willing to help.

Yet I'm taking my leg pain as a wake up call from my body and attempting to scale back on the spinning for a bit.  I'm even toying with subbing out all my classes next week.  I have a doctor's appointment next Wednesday as a follow up for my right knee.  Unfortunately it's now also my left knee and left shin.  Wake up call, right?

Thing is, other activities really don't bother me.  I think it's the repetition from the pedalling.  Although in most cases, I feel fine during the activity, just achy after.

Getting older is not fun.  So I'm trying to scale things back.  Wish me luck.

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