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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Follow up

As a follow up to my rendezvous with the pull up...I am SORE.  Not just sore, but SORE.

My workout was Thursday afternoon, it's now Sunday afternoon and I'm still sore.

I did manage to do a little more upper body work on Saturday, then tossed the football around for a bit.  But by Saturday night I couldn't straighten my right arm without a significant amount of pain.

Unfortunately this is still the case.  I know it's just muscle related, so I'm not concerned, I'm just ready for it to go away because it hurts (and I feel like a gimp).

Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Just a quick way to touch base on the weekend.  Hope you're enjoying it!  I'm off to try to find the energy to finally leave the house.

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