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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The show offs

The other day I took a class at one of my gyms.  I was run down, my body was aching, and my mood was just off (with reason).  But I wanted to take this class, so I went.

A few of the usual suspects were there, but in addition, a couple of other girls, who I'll call the show-offs.  I honestly feel that these two were there just to be seen, and what they did in the class was clearly driven by this desire.

The class was specialized (i.e. boxing/step/cardio kickbox), but the instructor held the class circuit style.  Most of the circuits were  related to the class, with a few general fitness stations mixed in.  Personally I was focused on what the class actually was.  However these two girls were much more interested in doing something difficult in front of people than doing anything that had to do with the class.  I'm trying to keep this vague because I never know who is reading this, but it's hard.

So instead of doing a non class specific circuit and then moving on, these two show offs stayed there for a few rounds.  Now why take a specific class if you have no interest in doing things related to that specialty?

Maybe I was just moody, but it drove me nuts.  I'm not a show off, I never have been and never will be.  And when I see people like this it honestly makes me like them less and want to stay as far away from them as possible.   Oh well.

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