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Monday, October 11, 2010

Why are you eating my pumpkin?

Lots of blogs (and friends on Facebook) have been really excited by the influx of pumpkin season, whether that be pumpkin spice lattes or just incorporating pumpkin in to everyday recipes.

I too love pumpkins, although I prefer to look at them than eat them.  But I do plan on playing around with canned pumpkin a bit this season.

As I do every year, I bought pumpkins to put out on my stoop.  Last year I bought one and it's carcass can still be found in the hedges.  I figured the animals would want to eat it.  They didn't.

This year, after being outside for one day, one of my pumpkins had bite marks in it.  Today I came home and it was eaten through to the seeds.  WTF? 

So I want to know, who (or what) is eating my pumpkin and why didn't this same eater partake last year?

Side note:  I started this post, then decided to run outside and take a picture of the pumpkin, so I grabbed my camera and went out.  The moment the door shut I realized it was LOCKED.  Uh oh!  So long story short, the fire department came and saved me.  Embarrassing!

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