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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The weekend is in sight

Happy Thursday!

My first 8 Minute Dating event was last night and it was a SUCCESS!  Everyone had a great time and I got good follow up scores, so what more can I ask for?  I think I may have found my calling. ;)

Tuesday night I went to the Yankees playoff game.  I was with a big group of party-ers, which was awesomely fun.  The game started at 8 and ran long, so it was a long night with quite a few too many drinks. 

Late night + lots of drinks + not enough sleep = miserable spin class the next morning

Like that equation?  Kind of obvious though.

Thankfully my class was at 9:30, not 6a, but still, I was a mess.  I was dizzy and just overall slow moving.  I figured I'd sweat it all out on the bike.  Thing is, I guess I was so dehydrated that I barely even sweat.  It sucked, but I did power through and didn't let it affect the class (just the instructor).  Immediately after class I went home and took a nap.   Lesson learned.

Back to the grind today.  Haven't done boot-camp in weeks so hopefully won't die tonight.

I desperately need new spin rides and am looking for song recommendations.  Any suggestions?  Hit me up in the comments.


chrispins said...

Hi Jessica. I post my spin class playlists to my blog for each class I teach. The i-tunes link will take you right to tons of my old i-mixes. I don't have time to post my ride profiles, but I hope you can find some good songs!

Marianne said...

Hey you still have playlist block?? I know that feeling so well. heres a couple of suggestions. take another spin class and record the 45-1hr class. most cell phones have voice memo. I use my i-phone all the time for this. I did it this a.m. but I wasnt' crazy over the music she used. Chrispins gave you a great idea. I pick up many rides from those sightes. Try and they have a section called playlists, song suggestions!
Ask your cyclists to tell you a fav song of theirs and write it down. you than can 'dedicate' that weeks playlist to them!!.
what do you like??? I love BEP's,Golden earing (radar love) Bohemian Rapsody by queen (or glee) Journey is great, madonna. i'll send you one of my absolute favorites, i'll post on your fb wall... ( not ready to share it with everyone) Gosh I hope this helps!! :-)