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Monday, October 18, 2010

Quick ? for my spinners out there

Hello lovelies!

This one is a question for any of my readers who spin (as an instructor or student).

But first, do you have orthotics?
If yes, then do you wear them in your spin shoes?

Here's why I ask.  I do have orthotics.  I could barely walk without them, but I never used them in my spin shoes.  Lately I tend to experience some foot pain while riding and am thinking maybe I need them in my shoes.  Thing is, that means I need new spin shoes bc my orthotics are hefty.  Therefore this isn't a decision to be entered in to lightly.

My orthotics cost $500 (yikes, right!?!) and were not covered by insurance.  My other thought was that if I do opt for a new pair of shoes to try a cheaper orthotic.  Right now there are many options out there, although I'm sure none of them are as good as the doctor made version.

Thoughts?  Experiences?


Angela said...

I have orthotics ($200 ones) for my knee pain. I've never worn them in my spin shoes and I spin 3 days a week. I have never had any real pain cycling. If I ever do have pain it usually comes and goes pretty quickly on the bike.

Sorry, I can't be more help.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the info.

I've been spinning for years and never had any foot discomfort until recently.

I usually teach a minimum of 5 classes a week, so it's a bit much.

Perhaps it's just another way my body is telling me to chill out.

Marianne said...

Guess what??? we are destined to meet one of these days, however, I am in California. You see, I am a Podiatrist Assistant (certified) They do make orthitcis for cycling, how old are yours?? you may be able to contact the maker (Langer???) and see if they can make another pair off your serial #. The price would be less than $200 that way! However, I know money is tight, so may I suggest going on line or going to REI or Sports Authority and purchasing a $30-40 pair of SUPERFEET ORTHOTICS, their color coded depending on activity, but we generally recommend the lime green ones.
You may be applying to much resistance, therefore pushing harder and the force is coming from the arch of your foot. make sure your pedal push is in good form too.
I don't wear orthotics in my spinning shoes, but I wear socks with extra arch support. (or so they say)I always wear my orthotics and get new ones every year. I also change my tennis shoes every 6-8 months as I live in those!!
I hope any of the above suggestions help.. a nice foot rub might do the trick too.....ahhhh that does sound good!

Jessica said...

Thanks so much Marianne!
Your information was so helpful.
My orthotics are probably about 2 years old, maybe 3. They cost $500 so I'm really hesitant to replace them.
But I had thought about getting a cheaper pair to try.
I'm also going to check my form more to make sure it's not my resistance.
Thanks again!!