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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When life gets in the way

Good morning!

Going to the gym is a priority for me.  It keeps me grounded, it helps me feel better about myself, and it's "me" time.  However, sometimes life gets in the way and makes it harder to squeeze those gym trips in.

I used to say that it was either go to the gym or have a social life.  Obviously that's a bit extreme, but it is something I've struggled with in the past.  Do I take that class I love or meet my friends out?  In all honesty, usually the gym wins, but not always.

With the purchase of a new home comes ALL sorts of tasks and to-do lists, which I recognize.  However apparently my sense of urgency is off as I still want to put the gym first.  The friend strongly disagrees with this.  He's told me that I have way too much to do and that home-related stuff needs to be a priority.  I agree and disagree at the same time.

If I don't go to the gym I'll be stressed from the home stuff and feeling gross.  Two bad feelings.  However if I can manage to squeeze some workouts in, I'll be OK.  Unfortunately the best answer means going to the gym in the morning, which while ideal in theory, isn't always so easy to put in to practice.

So I struggle.  I want to go to my boxing class tonight, but in the end I might end up at Home Depot instead.

How do you deal with these sort of conflicts?  Is it worth getting stressed about or is it OK because it's just temporary?

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