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Monday, March 21, 2011

Husks in my oatmeal

Well, Friday it was near 70 and today it's snowing.  Nice, right?

Happy Monday!  You're now reading the writing of a homeowner.  Yup, a homeowner.  My condo purchase successfully closed on Friday.  It's a bit scary.

This weekend was a blur of eating.

Friday night, my parents were visiting.  We ended up at an Italian restaurant and I rolled with the Chicken Scarpiello.  I informed them of my garlic allergy and hoped for the best.  The dish was awesome (and garlic free!) but SPICY!!!

Saturday after class I was hungry, yet short on time.  I picked up a wrap at a chain.  It had lots of healthy fats (walnuts, avocado) plus some veggies, sprouts and some sort of dressing.  Later in the day my friend tried it and said it tasted like a backyard.  Ha!

Saturday night some friends were visiting so we went to a nice seafood restaurant.  I had mussels and fried lobster.  Yum!

Sunday ended up being an early lunch at Frank Pepe's in New Haven, which is a famous pizza place.  We overate (of course).  Then Sunday night we hit up an all you can eat Asian/sushi place.  I was actually still full from the pizza so thankfully I didn't stuff myself too silly.

Let's just say it felt good to get on the bike this morning and sweat things out.

And now to the title of this post.  This morning I had my usual oatmeal.  I love oatmeal but I always have the same problem.  I seem to find husks in my oatmeal and when I bite down on them they're hard and crunchy and it grosses me out.  I then have to fish around in my mouth to find the culprit and get rid of it.  Does anyone else ever have a problem like this or is it just me?


Anonymous said...

The same thing happens to me and I can't stand it. I end up bent over the pot as the oatmeal cooks, trying to find and remove them. Of course, no matter how many I find while cooking, I'm always nervously waiting to bite into them as I eat. It's terribly annoying - I'd LOVE to find a brand of oatmeal that doesn't have this problem. Anyone?

Jessica said...

As much as I was in love with oatmeal all of a sudden I just wasn't feeling it.

I haven't had oatmeal in months now.

But to answer your question, no I never found a brand without the husks. I tried the store brand but found the texture to be totally off.

Have you ever had steel cut oats?