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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blog reading

Once a day (sometimes more), I skim my usual suspect blogs.  Most of them are listed down the right hand side of this page, although sometimes I find others.

Today, two of them made a mark.

The first one (shout out to Darcy), shared this endearing story from the New York Times. It's about spinning, but not totally, but either way, it made me smile.  And here's the cute graphic that goes along with it.

The second was from Fit Chick in the City where she talked about being accountable for your workouts by making them public.  She wrote on FB that she was going to do hot yoga, then didn't want to go, but did because she had told people she was.  I get that.

Unfortunately my workouts have been suffering due to all the condo stuff.  I'd like to think the end of that problem is near, but figured in the mean time maybe making these statements for my (two) readers would help. :)

My plan for the rest of the week:
Tuesday:  Was hoping to go to boxing but now will be meeting with a contractor and plumber instead (if I can still manage to get to the gym, I will)
Wednesday:  Run, strength train
Thursday: Spin (teaching makes it non negotiable)
Friday: Run, or maybe Insanity, but only if I can manage to squeeze it in before work or my evening plans change
Saturday:  Spin
Sunday: something...tbd

OK, so now I just have to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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