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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lady in waiting

And waiting...and waiting...

Have I mentioned that I hate waiting?  I'm a take action kind of person and I like being in control.  Waiting puts the control in someone else's hands, which can be very frustrating!

Waiting on emails and information at work.  Waiting on my final mortgage clear to close.  Waiting on my attorney.  Waiting on the bank attorney.  Waiting waiting waiting.  Argh!

OK, find my composure, get zen.  Vacation is in 60 days.  Beach, sand, warmth.....

OK, I'm back.  Slightly better.

So let's do some fit talking.  A few random thoughts on which i'd love your feedback.
  • Calorie burns on heart rate monitors.  I'm still VERY skeptical about what my HRM says.  On Monday I did an hour class and apparently burnt over 800 calories, with a cold and a cough and not giving my all.  This just seems way high.
  • Upbeat cardio songs.  I need some new tuneage.
  • Favorite upper body exercise.  My routine needs some refreshing.
  • Facials - yay or nay?  OK, not really Fit related, but well-being related.  I feel dull.
Thanks in advance for any input.  Have a wonderful Waitingday!  (I mean Tuesday)


chrispins said...

Lovin' the new look! A little fit talk feedback: 1. I don't use a heart rate monitor. 2. Are you on itunes Ping? It is a great way to find new music! 3. Favorite upper body exercise: I've been doing kettlebells a lot lately and The Firm Videos upper body (killer!!). 4. Facials: never had one. Most likely because with two kids it seems extravagant and I don't have time. I try to do some home facial-type things once in a while. I figure with all the sweating and water drinking I do, my skin looks better than most at my age! Happy Wednesday!!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the comments Chris!

I'm not on ping because it scares me. I see everyone mentioning it but I hate itunes, so I'm a bit hesitant. Should I just bite the bullet?

Good idea on the at home facial stuff. My magazines are always talking about stuff to do at home.

Have a fabulous day!!

chrispins said...

Definitely bite the bullet and give Ping a try. I hated it at first, but I finally figured it out and now I love it! There is a group of cycling instructors that 'folllow' one another and you can see their playlists, music they like and even when they purchase a song. It has saved me so much time looking all over the place for music. Seriously, give it a try. I wouldn't steer you wrong! ;) BTW, I buy a lot of my music on emusic.

Jessica said...

As soon as I have some spare time I will definitely give Ping a look. Thanks for the suggestion!