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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Two meanings to this post...
First, it's cold.  I'm away for work and it's cold/rainy/windy/icy here.
Second, I have a cold.  I felt fine yesterday and woke up this AM with a little nagging sore/tickley throat and runny nose.

My philosophy on that came from my sister.  She wasn't feeling well last week and said that she felt if she just kept going she'd be fine, but once she gave in and relaxed, then she'd only get sicker.

My experience is similar.  As you know, I've been running around like a CRAZY person for the past few months.  It was great, but really chaotic, however I had no choice other than to keep going.  This past Monday, I'm away for work, not much to do in this small town, so I get excited to just rest, relax, and go to bed early.  So really, what seems to have happened, is that I stopped running around and got sick.  The good news is that I'll be back to running around in no time and hopefully then this cold will disappear.  Wishful thinking?

Another thing I did yesterday was book a (much needed) vacation.  Jamaica is in store for me in the future and I can't wait!  So again, finally go and do something just for me, and boom, sick.  I'm not liking this pattern.

Right now I'm just anxious for 5pm so I can go rest.  There's not much else to do in this town besides eat bad-for-you food.

Happy hump day!!

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