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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is this my day?

Good morning!

I woke up this morning, took a shower, made some coffee, and got ready for work.  Right before leaving the house I filled up my travel mug with coffee, stirred it up and noticed grinds.  Ugh.  Took a closer look to try and fish the big ones out and noticed that it wasn't grinds, but rather, an ANT!  Ewwwww!

Coffee right down the drain.  I'm just glad I noticed prior to putting the cover on.  Yes, consuming an ant isn't going to kill me, but still.  Yuck.

Strike one.

Got to work, settled in, waited till after 9a to call the store where I bought my appliances and reschedule my delivery.  Called them up, gave my order number, only to be told that my delivery had never been scheduled.  So what was that phone call I saw my sales rep make? Fake?  Thanks a bunch Mark!  It actually worked out fine since I wanted to delay delivery, but it would have been nice to know I wasn't going to need to be available from 7a-7p on Saturday. 

Strike two.

I hope that this is not indicative of the rest of the day.  I've only got one strike left.  Haha.

Will post a more fit-related topic shortly.  Happy morning!!

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