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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do you whole wheat?

Good morning!

So guess what?  My birthday is tomorrow.  Crazy.  In years past I've been ALL about celebrating but this year I'm just eh on the whole thing.  Strange.

I did have some great plans to go to the High Line in NYC on Sunday with some friends but unfortunately it looks like we're supposed to get hit with a tropical storm or hurricane.  Definitely not ideal weather for outdoor activities.  So now the plan is really TBD.

Last night I made banana bread.  I had some seriously overripe bananas on the counter and it was either turn them in to bread or throw them in to the trash.  I obv chose the bread route.

Not it's true color, I used a fancy effect :)
I used this recipe.  However when it came time to add the raisins I realized they had gone missing.  On a side note, I've managed to lose raisins numerous times.  I asked DJ where he'd be if he were a raisin and he said California.  Duh.  I briefly toyed with adding chocolate chips but realized that would totally negate the healthy aspect of this bread so I just added another banana (for a total of 4).  The last one wasn't as thoroughly mashed as the others.

This recipe uses whole wheat flour.  I like whole wheat flour, but do agree that it has a very distinct taste.  In my experience, the first bite really tastes like whole wheat and then as you eat more, your taste buds adjust and you start to just enjoy the flavors, not be smacked in the face with the wheatyness (new word!).

Have you had this happen?  Do you agree or disagree?  Do you even like whole wheat?

I find this is also the case with whole wheat pizza.  First bite, just eh.  But fifth bite and on taste wonderful!

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