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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saturday's spin sesh

Here's the ride I used on Saturday.  This was actually a very easy ride to put together as I took a bunch of the songs I've used when transitioning from a 45 to a 60 and put them together.  Of course that won't be much of a help tomorrow when I have to make a new ride for Thursday, but I'll deal.

This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan - 3:38
Warm up

Ecstasy - Rusted Root - 5:02
This song totally takes me back to high school.  Light climb, in the saddle, keep the pace quick for the entire song, coming up to jog on the Ecstasy chorus.  There's also a hidden hill.  When the music slows down, I ask them to add on as much as they can take and muscle through it, then back to the fast light hill.

Where Them Girls At (radio edit) - David Guetta ft Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj - 3:15
Jumps, 6 or 4 count, staying up in position 2 during Niki's rap

Man Down - Rianna - 4:27
Back to climbing in the saddle.  I tell them that we've done something bad and the police are after us (there are sirens in the song) so we have to move.  5/10, moderate hill, fast legs for the whole song.  Yes, it's dorky, but they get the idea.

All Around Me - Flyleaf - 3:19
Climbing out of the saddle, ending heavy.

This is How A Heart Breaks - Rob Thomas - 3:51
Sprints!  Short recovery and then sprints on the chorus.

Moves Like Lady Jagger (Brian Cua Mashup Mix) - Maroon 5 and Christina vs Modjo-  4:44
Climb, start out moderate, mix it up, in the saddle, out of the saddle.  I keep this pretty unstructured and go with what I'm feeling.

Lighters (feat Bruno Mars) - Bad Meets Evil - 5:04
Climbing.  When Bruno sings, we're in the saddle with the hill as heavy as we can take.  When it switches to the rapping, back the resistance to about a 6 or 7/10 and come out to three, making sure that your combination of resistance and pace is challenging.  Then back to the saddle, heavy as possible when the chorus comes around.

One - U2 and Mary J Blige - 4:20
Continuing from the last song, standing climb.  Ending nice and heavy.  For the last 2 minutes I think I had them add resistance every 30 seconds.

Zorba the Greek - Kostas Papadopoulos - 3:28
Let the pace of the song guide your legs.  Light resistance.  The song picks up as it goes on, so by the end you should be at an all out sprint.  (This song was a departure from my normal style but something someone suggested ages ago.  It was fun and the one Greek woman in the class went nuts over it, so that alone made it worth it.)

Spotlight - Jennifer Hudson - 4:12
Cool down and stretch.

If you use any of these, let me know what you think. :)

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