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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Nothing wrong with a self-indulgent post on your birthday, right?

It seems like this may be a pretty low-key birthday, but in the past I've always loved to celebrate.

Here are a few photos from years past....awww, memory lane...

My 30th, in case you couldn't guess.
I LOVE black and white cookies and was thrilled when my parents busted this one out.

Another cake for my 30th
There's no such thing as too much cake

Me on my 30th!  :)

My 31st at the Yankees game with my sis
I can't wait to see what this year has in store!!


chrispins said...

Happy Birthday Jessica! Hope it's great! Does that mean you're.......32??? You sure don't look it! I've got ten years on you girl! Keep on spinning-it keeps us young! Enjoy :)

Jessica said...

Yup, the big 3-2! :)

Aside from not being able to party like I used to, I still feel like i'm in my 20s.

Age ain't nothing but a number!

And you look awesome regardless!