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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I LOVE magazines.  Not the digital version but the printed on paper, hold it in your hand original version.

I currently subscribe to Shape, Women's Health, Glamour, and the Nutrition Action Newsletter.  In the past I've also subscribed to Fitness, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan.

You get it, I like magazines.

However all of a sudden I've become VERY opinionated about who is on my magazine covers.  Typically the cover star also has a feature article written about him/her.  For the most part I have no issue, but unfortunately SHAPE has no rubbed me the wrong way twice.

See offenders below...

Kelly Bensimon

Audrina Patridge
Do these women have nice bodies?  Yes

That's where the good ends for me.
Why are these women "famous"?  Well for Kelly it's because she married a famous photographer and is on a reality show.  For Audrina it's just the reality show thing.
Are these natural beauties?  I can't say for sure about Kelly, but Audrina is definitely enhanced in several areas.
Do either of these ladies really have something to say?  NO

Yes, they're eye candy for the magazine cover, but the articles about them are weak and not worth reading.  Although to be honest, I haven't read the Kelly piece yet since I just got the magazine this morning.

But the Audrina piece...there was zero substance.  They showed her workout moves, which were fine, but she looked as though she might have a wardrobe malfunction in her skimpy top.

See the spillage?  Come on!
The magazine industry as a whole seems to be embracing the whole healthy is beautiful movement.  And yes, they're pretty, but I think that's where the story ends.

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