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Thursday, August 18, 2011

And then it got worse...

Tuesday nigh Don Juan tried to kill me with a hot pepper.  Last night I tried to kill myself and DJ.  It's been a stellar week.

Last night started out like any other Wednesday night.  I headed to the gym after work for TRX, made a quick stop at Home Goods and then headed home.

DJ had a softball game but when he came home we were outside on the deck.  He started the grill and I was looking at some of my plants. 

While down on the grass behind the deck, I saw that under my deck I had left a big box from when I got my grill. I had been meaning to put it out for trash/recycling, so I figured while I was down there I should move it out. So I start to pull it out and apparently there was a beehive in it so of course I get swarmed by bees. The whole thing is a little hazy right there but I know I realized what was happening and started running/screaming/flailing. I ran around the backyard trying to pick them off and then ran around the building to the front. At this point, DJ had run outside when he heard me screaming and they went after him. He however ran back in to the house and then out the front door where I was completely freaking out. There was one on my shirt and I couldn’t get it off so I just took off my shirt. (thankfully I had come from the gym so I had a sports bra on which was a tad more acceptable than a regular bra). I was still screaming/crying/freaking out. One neighbor popped her head out to make sure I was OK. Then my next door neighbors came home, I was a sight to see. Standing in the driveway with no shirt and only one shoe (there was a bee in the other shoe), and crying. Nice.

I’ve never been stung by a bee so I was a touch nervous that I might be allergic, but thankfully I’m not. I came out of it with 7 stings. A few of them still hurt. UGH.

Once I had calmed down, I googled what to do about a bee sting. One of the suggestions was to make a paste of baking soda and water and apply that, which I did.  Can't say it did anything other than make me look silly, but oh well.

But overall I realized that if either of us was allergic, we would have known within minutes.

So that was my night.  I'm calling an exterminator today because that hive needs to GO AWAY pronto!

Sorry my posts lately have been not at all related to fitness...I'll get back to that ASAP. :)

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