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Friday, June 17, 2011

Super Jessica!

I showed up at my newest class the other day early.  I had a few things I needed to take care of with the manager on duty.

I arrived just in time to hear two members complaining that the earlier class had no instructor.  They were pissed.

Of course I couldn't let a room full of people go without an instructor so I told the members and the manager that I'd teach it.

I rushed in to the class in my street clothes, threw together a quick explanation and then got started.  I did the first half of the class wearing a tank top, jeans, and spin shoes.  Nice, right?

I used my Don't Back Down ride which has a full recovery song midway.  At that point I ran to the locker room, pulled a Clark Kent, and changed in to my gym clothes.  Then back to the class to continue teaching.

Wrapped up at 6:30, had a few quick minutes to get settled and then back to teach round two at 6:45.  It was chaotic and exhausting.

Both classes are an hour, and coming from a 45 minute class, those extra 15 definitely feel tough.

However it was SO worth it.  The members were awesome and so appreciative, plus they LOVED the class, which made my day.

It's very hard to build up a following at a new club or in a new time slot, so subbing is a great way to introduce people to your style and format.  Hopefully some of them will convert to my later class.

On a spin related tangent, I tried to check out some new profile ideas at and it told me I didn't have access to those pages.  Did they remove the free content?  Anyone?

Well, off to get things done and then segue in to weekend mode.  I'm sooooo ready!  Have a great weekend and happy father's day!


chrispins said...

You rock Jessica! Regarding Pedal On, they have a new policy that you need to post at least 5 times in order to gain access to all of the boards, so get posting girl!

chrispins said...

Oh, and btw, Don't Back Down is my favorite profile from Pedal on!!

Jessica said...

Thanks Chris!

So there are obviously boards that you can view and post on. Any idea what topics those are?

I agree, Don't Back Down is great!

chrispins said...

No, I don't have any idea. I'm guessing that you can post on the ones that you can view. The one that I post a lot on is 'Favorite Song of the Week' in Tunes, Mixes and Playlists. Good luck!

Annette said...

PO just restricted the profiles forum. (see this link: )
chrispins is right about posting 5 times and then everything will open up. Go post your favorite songs, reply to a few posts and you'll be in business.
Good job on stepping in to cover the other class. I'm sure you'll get a few of them coming to your class now.
My favorite PO profiles are HIT Hard & Flats over/Hills under and 3-9 progressive climb. (I could go on. ha ha)

Jessica said...

Thanks Annette!
Guess I better start posting.
Thanks for mentioning your favorites as well, I'll check them out.
Happy Monday!!

Annette said...

No worries Jessica. If you have trouble finding them, I'll email you my copies. You may not like my music choices but we all tweak that anyway. lol