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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kind of a fail

This morning I tried to make a smoothie for breakfast.  I guess technically it was a smoothie, but it just wasn't right. 

I used chocolate protein powder, banana, ice, and PB2.  It tasted OK but was a bit watery and towards the end was more like a liquid than a slush.  Oh well, it was my first attempt with the vitamix so I'll just have to try again.

This breakfast threw me out of my routine.  Since I consumed it right after making it, breakfast started at around 8am.  Normally I have some sort of cereal at 9 and then an apple at 11.  Hopefully the smoothie can hold me until 11 when I can eat my peach.  I'm having coffee at 9:30 which is totally unheard of.

I also like to wait to eat lunch.  Somewhere in my corporate life, I realized that the later I take lunch, the shorter the second half of the day is.  So I started taking lunch around 1.  Now I usually use my lunch time to run errands and then eat at my desk when I return.  Sometimes I eat around 1, other times it's closer to 2.

I'm curious about other people's eating habits.  Do you stick to a schedule?  Do you eat six small meals?

This weekend is my housewarming, so once that's done with I'll post some pictures of the finished kitchen and baths.  I'm so happy it's done with but somehow I'm still pretty stressed.  Guess I shouldn't say that I need a vacation?  :)

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