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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seen in the gym

Good morning!

I finally got back to the gym this morning and it felt GOOD.  I woke up more easily today at 5:15a than I did yesterday at 6:30a.

I took a new class, so here's a quick review and synopsis.  The class was called Turbo Kick.

I figured it was a kickboxing type class.  Not exactly.  The class did involve some kicking and boxing, but it was more bouncing around and doing a little choreography.  The "turbo" part apparently comes in to play when 30 minutes in you do 2 minutes of non stop exercises.  But this too was a little choreographed.

The instructor was super peppy which is great for a 6a class.
It's a mix of a few different types of classes.

The instructor didn't wear a mic and had the music very loud.  Most of the time you just followed what she did, but when she did speak, it was hard to hear her.
The choreography.  I'm not all that coordinated so this was a bit frustrating at times.
The impact.  Since there was a lot of jumping around and bouncing, I started to feel it a bit in my knees and shins.

The verdict:
I think I'll pass.  While this class is definitely great for some, it's just not my cup of tea.

Post class I busted out a quick mile, or rather, quick for me.  The pace was above 6.0 the same time and maxed out at 7.5.  This is way fast for me.

Somehow I managed to leave my shoes and my breakfast at home so I was very disappointed.  I picked up a banana at the convenience store and had a few Special K bars in my car. As for shoes, I'm wearing my shower flip flops until lunch time when I have to head home anyway.  Thankfully no one sees my feet most of the time.

When I was leaving the gym, I saw two women getting ready in the locker room.  Neither of them were particularly fit, nor did they seem comfortable in the gym.  One put on one of those black velcro wide bands that I think is supposed to slim your waistline (???), and the other had on one of those sweat suits.  You know, the outfits that look a bit like a plastic bag met up with aluminum foil.  Now maybe I'm just judgemental (admittedly, I am), but these to me are gimmicks.  Yes, if you sweat a ton you will see an instant weight loss, but once you rehydrate you won't be much better for it.

I'd love to hear some other thoughts on this.  Gimmick or legit?

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