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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A tasty treat

I'm really trying to be good about my eating.  But since I LOVE to eat and have quite the sweet tooth, it can be hard.

I have no problem passing on butter, cheese, cream sauces, fatty problems are bread and desserts.  I smile just thinking about them.

On a lunchtime trip to Trader Joe's I decided to look for a sweet treat that isn't that bad.

I found these...

Trader Joe's Mini Cafe Twists - and the best part is that each twist is only 30 calories!  True, you probably won't eat just one, but if you can limit yourself to two or 3, you're in good shape.

They're non-dairy, butter free, no eggs, and no yeast, yet they still taste good.  Guess that's in part due to the sugar.  Each twist has 1g of fat.

The ingredients are wheat flour, soybean oil, palm oil, beet sugar, cinnamon, and salt.

I wonder what beet sugar is...
Apparently all processed sugar is made of sugar beets or sugarcane.  US labeling does not require that the products call out the source.  From what I can tell, both are equally void of nutritional value and the only difference is that beet sugar may have slightly different properties when baking.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

bring it! when i start eating soy again, im buying these since they are vegan and sound delish!