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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This morning I was seriously jonesing for my morning coffee. 
It's sad when this (to the right) looks like the most amazing thing ever.  But I'm rolling with it and if this makes me happy, then so be it!  It does taste quite good!

So good morning to you all! (or all three of you)  :)

My goal last night was to hit the gym after the chiro but I wanted to take a class and it wasn't until 7p and I wrapped up at the chiro by 6, not to mention the fact that I was exhausted, but more on that later.  Needless to say, no gym.  Gym: 0 Couch: 1

This morning though I was determined to fix last night and hit the gym.  Alarm went off at 5:30a and even though I kind of wanted to stay in bed, I knew I didn't need the sleep so I forced myself out.  The gym was good.  Logged about 45 on the treadmill and then did a super quick upper body set.

For breakfast today I'm bringing back an old staple...the Larabar!

I first tried these in March 2010.  You probably think it's weird that I remember the date, but really it's not, because it happened at Spin Odyssey, which is every March.

When I was teaching double classes on Mondays (6a, 9:30a), I'd hit Panera between classes for some coffee and a Larabar.  Every week.  I loved it and I loved them.

However once real life got in the way, they kind of fell by the wayside.  Imagine my excitement when they were on sale at Whole Paycheck!  I only bought two, Peanut Butter and Jelly, and Key Lime Pie.  I don't think I've  had the Key Lime before, so I hope it's good!

Are you a Larabar fan?  Do you have any flavor recommendations?  Have you had the chocolate ones?

Well, time to work.  I'm off to NY mid-day because my mommers is retiring this year and they're having a dinner for her tonight.  Yay mom!

Have a good one!

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