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Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm finally back home.  Phew.  The drive back yesterday felt like it took forever.  I guess it kind of did.  We left a bit before 3:30p and didn't get back to the office until 10p.  Gross!

But I am sooooo happy to be back.  Yay for routine!

Since the housewarming party was this past weekend, I wanted to make good on my word and put up some pictures of the finished product.

I threw together this before and after because it nicely sums things up.

The bathroom is also done but since it's a smaller and narrower room, it's very hard to photograph, so for now i'll just tell you it looks great.  Here's a close up of the shower detail.

Am going to keep this post quick as I get back to the grind, but I wanted to touch base quickly.  Have a fabulous thursday!!


Darcy said...

Your kitchen looks soooo good! It makes me want to re-do mine.

Jessica said...

Thanks Darcy! My neighbors are all really jealous. :)

How was WSSC?