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Thursday, February 3, 2011


It feels so good to be out of the house!!

I had not left the house from about 2p on Tuesday until this morning.  Pathetic.  The Northeast (or at least my section) got hit with an ice-storm Tuesday evening in to Wednesday morning, which resulted in school closures (their 8th day this year) and me having to work from home.  I desperately wanted to venture out yesterday but felt guilty since I didn't truly need to go out.  I figured my luck I'd go out just to get out and then get in a fender-bender and feel like an idiot.

So I'm out!

I picked up a new class and tonight is my first night teaching it!  I'm excited and maybe a little nervous.  Not nervous because I doubt myself, but just nervous because I hope people show up. :)  I know I can get the numbers up in time, but the beginning is always the hardest.

In a different direction, I did my second Insanity workout, which was really the first workout DVD.  With my schedule it's hard to do this consistently, so I haven't been doing the workouts in order, or every day.  Bad Jessica!

Again, this one was TOUGH.  As I've said before, I have no clue how someone just starting a fitness regimen could even attempt these.  I feel like I'd be so discouraged if I could barely do any of it.

Some things I don't like...I don't love the stretching he does.  A bunch of the moves have a yoga-style to them and I just don't like them.  I think other stretches would be just as effective.  Sometimes it's also hard for me to focus on the move and not look at the TV to see what I'm supposed to do (which then compromises the moves form).  I've only done two of the DVDs but the warm ups for both were really similar and I can see myself getting bored with that.  Again, just early on thoughts and maybe I'll develop a love for Shawn T and be able to overlook these. 

Back to work...

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