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Monday, February 7, 2011

Here, there, everywhere

Happy Monday!

The title of this post isn't really because I'm physically here, there, and everywhere, but really because this post might be all over the place, as that's how my brain has been working lately.

Hope you had nice weekends and that any Green Bay fans are happy.  My corporate HQ are outside of Pittsburgh so I'm trying to keep my requests from them to a minimum today, let them mourn.

Amazingly, my attendance at my 6a class today was normal.  I was impressed!

So let's see...
Detox...I'm thinking about doing a Jessica-ified detox.  My stomach and my digestive system have been a mess for the past couple of weeks and I'm thinking a focus on fruits and vegetables might be helpful.  However I'm not sure how feasible it will be, but I am going to try to increase the emphasis on natural whole foods.  If that doesn't work, I might bite the bullet and go to the gastro.

Condo...I'm trying to buy a condo and had an inspection this morning.  Crazy.  Buying your first place as a single is overwhelming and frightening, yet awesome at the same time.  Fingers crossed folks.

Gym...went to take a class yesterday, only to find out that the class wasn't happening.  However I knew the instructor so he offered to do a private class anyway.  There were 3 of us and it was great.  He busted out the rope, which I love and hate, had us pulling each other across the studio floor, flipping the boxing bag (another thing I love) and then some boxing.  Very fun and definitely feeling it in my arms today.

Eats...yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, do you think I ate healthy stuff?  Ha!

I need new music, any great up beat stuff that you're digging today?

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