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Monday, February 14, 2011


This morning on my way to the gym (mucho early) I realized just exactly what I have ahead of me this week.  And then I realized that I'm crazy.  But maybe that was already obvious to others.

Today is V-day, which is not really a big deal to me.  I will have a very nice dinner with my friend, but that's about it.  Tomorrow and Wednesday will probably be OK too.

The chaos begins on Thursday...

Thursday night my friend and I are hosting a benefit at a bar/restaurant for our Spin Odyssey team.  The bar is offering 10% of their gross sales, plus my friend is bartending and donating all of his tips.  Add to that our attempt at a silent auction and there will be a lot going on.  The  event is from 6p-close, and as the organizer, I feel that I'll need to be there until close.  Wow, Friday is going to be miserable!  I'm hoping maybe I can manage to work from home, but we'll see.

Saturday, usual class in the AM.  However at night I'm hosting a pizza party.  My friend makes amazing pizza and does parties, so I'm hosting a party to introduce my friends to his yummy pizza and maybe hope that someone wants to throw a party down the line.  My apartment is on the smaller side and I'm expecting about 10 people.  A little nutty, but fun! preparation for Spin Odyssey and the six hours some are riding for, I wanted to host a training ride.  So on Sunday from 3-6p I'll be spinning.  I'm going to teach one hour and then ride the other two.  Phew.

Then it's President's Day and I have to teach at 6am and work.

I refuse to let the sense of overwhelm-ment take over, so I'm going to keep telling myself that this is all awesome and fun!

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