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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Partial Foods

Another blog had a shot of the buffet at Whole Foods, which inspired this post.

I used to love the buffet.  I'd workout on a Saturday and then treat myself to lunch at Whole Foods.  When I was in grad school, I'd stop there on my way to class and pick up some dinner off the buffet.

I have to say, the past few times I've gone, I've been far from enamored.

I eat it, and it's ok, but it's not great and I usually feel bored or still hungry after the meal.  On a side note, a roast beef wrap was ordered from the "deli" counter the last time and it was gross.

However I do still love the Morning Glory muffins and all their greasy goodness.

I think I'm over it.  Anyone else?

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