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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's really only Wednesday?

You know those days where you think it feels like it should be later in the week, but at the same time you're glad that it's the day it is?  Does that make sense?

Today feels very much to me like a Thursday, but it's not.  I have a big 8 Minute Dating event tonight, so I'm really excited that it's Wednesday and dating night, but kind of wouldn't mind if it were Thursday.  You dig?

I subbed a class this morning, so I think that threw me off too, as my early morning is usually Monday (which wouldn't explain why it feels like Thursday though).

Class was OK.  I didn't feel like there was much energy, but that's fine, I still pushed and they still worked.

I used an older ride that has a mix of songs (see it here).  I loved it back in the day but today found it a bit tired.  Which is ironic because a woman came up to me after class and said it "was the best music she had ever heard".  I'll take a compliment any time!  But it might be time to freshen it up a bit with a few new songs.  I don't want to change the skeleton of the ride too much, but I guess we'll see.  Or perhaps I was just having an off day.

I'm hoping to put a new ride together on Friday.  I have some tunes in mind but was wondering if there are any songs that you're currently loving.  Let me know!

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