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Saturday, February 26, 2011

All you (n)ever wanted to know about me...

Who's wasting time again?  Me!!

A. Age: 31

B. Bed size: queen
C. Chore you hate: anything related to cleaning
D. Dogs: love love love ‘em, but don’t have one just yet
E. Essential start to your day: lights (I need the lights on to help wake up), then coffee
F. Favorite color: it’s been green forever, but I also really like navy
G. Gold or silver: depends, both have their strengths
H. Height: 5’6
I. Instruments you play: none, not at all musically talented
J. Job title: Associate Product Manager, Respiratory Solutions (jealous???)
K. Kids: no gracias
L. Live: CT (almost 4 years now)
M. Mom’s name: Fredi (yes, really, it’s short for Frieda)
N. Nicknames: Jess, Jessie, Barky, Cookie Monster, Messy Jessie
O. Overnight hospital stays: never
P. Pet peeve: Honestly, where do I start?? As per the bf, I’m very easily annoyed.
Q. Quote from a movie: “I was surfing the crimson wave, I had to haul ass to the ladies.” Random and means nothing to me, but I still like it.
R. Right or left handed: right
S. Siblings: younger sister, Allison
T. Time you wake up: depends on the day…Mondays 5am, any other day, prob 6:30ish
U. Underwear: Yes. Is that the right answer?
V. Vegetables you dislike: radishes, green peppers
W. What makes you run late: traffic or outfit issues
X. X-Rays you’ve had: arm, knee, dental…
Y. Yummy food you make: baked goods are my specialty
Z. Zoo fave animal: penguins

Speaking of that "Z".  On Thursday I officially signed up for my first 5K.  How does it relate to penguins?  Well, it's a run at the Bronx Zoo and this year the money raised goes to saving penguins.  I'm in LOVE.

Am I nervous, no, not really.  I'm beyond confident that I can run the 3.2 miles, so bring it!  It's at the end of April so hopefully by then we will have seen at least one day with temps over 50.  I hope!

Enjoy those weekends!!

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