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Thursday, April 28, 2011

What the...

Hello!  Happy Thursday.  Today is like my Friday because I'm off from work tomorrow.  However, if I told you the amount of things I have to do between today and tomorrow, you'd probably choose to go to work.  It's M-Day, as in moving. Not fun.  It should be exciting, but it's not.  It will be...just not yet.

Last night I treated myself to dinner and drinks with a good friend who I don't see nearly enough.  Yes, I should have been packing, but who cares?  Julio stopped by for a drink so they could meet each other.  What came up in conversation?  The magnetic bracelet that he was wearing.  You know what I'm talking about...this sort of thing.
You've probably seen those infomercials and thought "no way".  I know I did!

Julio was a skeptic until he was at his dad's house and he had one and they all tried out the tests for themselves.  Even after he told me the results, I was still skeptical.  So he bought one for himself and one for me.

Last night when I got home I decided it was time to test it out.  Full disclosure: I had a couple of drinks at dinner so I figured my balance might be a little off.  All the tests involve me standing still and him trying to pull me down.  In one I stand with my hands grasped behind me, he puts his hands in to mine and pushes down, which causes me to lose my balance and fall back a bit.  However once he put the bracelet on me, I was able to resist him more and not tip.  It was seriously WEIRD.  I figured he was messing with me so I decided to try it out on him.  It still worked.  I don't get it!

So now I'm wearing one of these stupid bracelets and waiting to see what all the hype is about.  I get the balance thing, but since it's not like I'm falling down normally, I don't really see the point.  he told me I'd sleep better, I didn't.  He told me I'd feel centered, I don't.

So tell me, are you on the bandwagon?  If so, why?  If  not, why?

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