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Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday morning!!

Even at 5:30am, while it was still dark, the day felt better.  The weather was milder and the birds were chirping away like crazy.  I find that such a pleasant thing to hear when you are awake at what most consider an ungodly hour. It makes getting up early almost worth it.  Which leads me to how much I love being awake before the world wakes up.  Odd since I'm not really a morning person, but it's very peaceful and cool.  So I'm thinking it might be in the cards to start with some early morning runs (once it's warm enough).  I'd love to head out right before daybreak and be out as the sky starts to light up.  Love.

I did the same class this morning as on Saturday since I have no repeat riders.  I used the song "One More Time" (can't think of the artist) and played this "game" where you add resistance whenever they say "one more time", which is a lot.  When you max out, you can then take a little off each time they say it.  So in essence, you can only change your resistance when they say those magical words.  It seemed to go over well on Saturday but this morning they didn't seem to love it.  Maybe because it requires a little thought on their part and it was just too early.  Oh well.

My weekend was fun and productive, what a combo!  Saturday I bought almost all of my tile (kitchen and bathroom) and Sunday I bought a fan for my kitchen and my backsplash.  Closer by the day.  Demo starts today, so I'll probably share some photos.

Go HUSKIES!  Nice win on Saturday night, fingers crossed for tonight.

Remember I mentioned that my back was hurting?  Well it got better, then at the tile store it started to hurt again.  Since I wasn't doing anything strenuous at the time, a light bulb went off.  This darn back pain isn't from an injury, it's from stress/tension.  Now it all makes sense since I really didn't think I had hurt myself.  I'm glad I know the cause, but that doesn't make it any easier to make it go away.

I made a loosely defined version of oatmeal raisin cookies (VERY healthy!) and will share that recipe later today.  I brought some in as a snack so hopefully they still taste good.  My friend thought they stunk, but I liked them.

So I'll catch ya in a few hours.  Happy demolition Monday!!

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