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Monday, April 11, 2011

Somehow it always ends up being Monday again.  How/why does that happen? :)

My weekend was nice.  Quite nice in fact.

Friday night was low key.  I focused on tidying up a bit and packing a few things.  Then I refreshed a spin ride (as opposed to starting from scratch).  Saturday I taught, then my parents came up for a visit.  Lots of errands and running around with them (bought a bathtub and two bathroom vanities!).  Saturday night my friend cooked dinner for us.  We chowed on very delicious paella.  He's an amazing cook!  Sunday was very un-Sunday like.  Left the house a bit after 10a and didn't get home until almost 6!  Lots of errands with no purchases (aside from a cannoli (sp?? so not Italian) and some cupcakes).

Back to the spin thang.  Like I said, I refreshed a ride.  I'm sure you can guess what I mean, but just in case, I'll take an older ride and swap out some songs to bring it back to life.  I think I switched out four, although I'm drawing a blank on one of them.  I added Katy Perry and Kanye's ET (great song for a heavy climb), Witchcraft by Pendulum (I feel like I was the last spin instructor to use this song), and Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz (not a new song, but still a good one).

It was a good ride and teaching off the bike went well.  As I expected they were just happy to have 23 bikes instead of the usual 22.  Again, it got cold, plus this time I felt a little silly just standing on the pedestal, but all good.  They rocked it! (and so did I!)

And here we are at Monday.  I'm supposed to meet up with a friend this evening, so hopefully that works out.  I miss the gym and really hope that the follow-up doctor's appointment on Wednesday has a good outcome.  Fingers crossed!

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