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Friday, April 1, 2011

Much better

Good morning!

I'm so happy it's Friday!  Yes, it's rainy and gray and parts of the Northeast are getting hit with snow, but still, it's Friday, and April.  Moving right along!

I was back at the gym last night.  Woohooo!!  My energy level was a little low, but it felt really good and I did feel better when I woke up this morning. I'm a bit sore, but that's OK and way better than being achy.

I taught at 6:30 but had a little extra time to do my own thing, so I made up a little routine, which I will now share with you.  In all cases, aim to do as many as possible, but make sure your weight is heavy enough that 15 doesn't seem easy.  (Remember, I'm not a trainer, so this is just a suggestion and don't do any of these unless you know what you're doing, or just ask someone.)
push ups
mountain climbers (30-45 seconds)
triceps dips
bicep curls
front raises and lateral raises
bent over standing row
Repeat.  I had wanted to do this all 3 times, but ran out of time so I only managed 2.  While not overly complex, the mountain climbers and quick pace kept my heart rate up and my arms are a bit sore today.  Love that!

After class, stopped by the contractor to sign the contract and get things moving with the renovations.  Looks like the demo will start on Monday.  Exciting stuff!

Then home for dinner.  My friend threw together a tasty salad consisting of seared turkey breast with a spicy sweet Asian sauce, lettuce, peppers, and a side of sweet potato fries (baked).  Quite yummy!

This morning I saw a bunch of robins on the drive in, which always makes me smile.  I love animals in general, plus they make me think of spring.  Confession: I always say hello them when I see them. (I do the same thing with dogs.)

Speaking of animals, in the past two days I watched two different shows on TV about animals.  The first was on Animal Planet and it was about wild hogs and how they're vicious and causing many issues in the south.  It was fascinating.  I'd thought I'd never advocate killing animals, but after seeing this show, it really seems like something needs to be done.  The second was Swamp Kings (or something like that) on History.  This one was about killing alligators.  I did not like this show and stopped watching half way though.  It was really just hunting, which is fine, but I don't need to see it.  Anyone catch either of those?

OK, time to get back to work.  Have a great Friday and a fabu weekend!!

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