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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I've got a fever


I am so desperately ready for this vacation that I read reviews a couple times a week on Trip Advisor and look at pictures that people have posted.  I just can not wait to get away to warm weather and relaxation.

True, many things have to happen before that, but still, I'm ready now, and it's like a small light at the end of a long tunnel.

Demo day 1 went well, but it seems like this process is going to take a VERY long time.  It will hopefully be done by June.  How crazy?  The tile lady told me Wednesday/Thursday yet when I called today she said she was seeing a date of 4/10, which is Sunday!  She said it might come in early.  I certainly hope so.

That aside, I'm hoping to get to boxing tonight but am dealing with severe hip pain.  Seriously?  It's very odd and very painful and almost feels like a cross between very bad cramps and hip pain, so it has me stumped.  All I know is that I took 3 Advil this morning and that has done NOTHING.  :(

Hopefully I can overcome!

I confessed to my sister the marathon runner that I haven't done any training for the 5K and she told me that I'd be just fine.  I hope she's right!  If my old lady hip is better, I'm thinking an early morning jog tomorrow morning might be in store.

Well, I need to find some focus and motivation.  Have a good Tuesday and I'll catch y'all in a bit.

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