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Thursday, April 7, 2011

This just in

I should probably quit my job right now and enroll in medical school immediately, since with some random symptoms, I managed to diagnose myself correctly.

Not to go all female/TMI on you, but I have an ovarian cyst.  Enough said, will just see how this one plays out.  I was given a prescription for vicodin. Seriously??

I was told that I can't run/spin or do anything rigorous.  I can maybe do some lower body stuff but otherwise will stick to basic upper body stuff and maybe walking.  Stinks.  Follow up appointment next week and will see what he says.  I wonder if I can do abs...

Tonight and Saturday I'll be teaching off the bike.  I'm trying to sub out my Monday morning class since at 6am I can't imagine being energetic enough off the bike to motivate that class.

As I've always seen...the best laid plans often go astray.  Or...we make plans, god laughs.  Same idea for both.  (ever notice how much the word astray looks like ashtray??)

Guess I'll use this extra time to pack since I'm moving in about two weeks and haven't done a thing.

On a side note, I got an email for discounted entry to the Tunnel to Tower Race in NYC in September.  This is another race that I've wanted to do for a while, so I'm thinking I may just sign up for it.  I'm guessing my first 5K will be a good experience (if I can participate) and I'll want to do more.

Do any of you have recommendations for gym pants that don't cost a fortune?  I had great success with the Gap but now that they changed their styles I haven't been so lucky.  I can't say why, but gym bottoms are so hard to buy for me.  I know people love Lulu, but I just can't rationalize spending that money.  I like fitted capris, so any suggestions are welcome. work I go!

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