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Monday, April 25, 2011

TRX Marks the spot

Good morning and happy Monday!

I hope your weekends were great and your holidays nice (if you celebrate).

My (long) weekend was nice, yet it somehow still felt too short.   Thursday night my class was empty.  I had 3 people, yuck.  But we all worked hard so it was OK and then I didn't feel quite as guilty meeting up with friends for a few drinks.  Friday was super productive with lots of condo related errands.  I picked up my new baby (see right) and then ran around like a crazy person.  
Saturday was uneventful. 
Sunday I went to a Mets game, which was great.  The weather cooperated (in fact it was sunny and HOT for the first half), and even more exciting was the fact that the Mets won (4 in a row baby!).

So back to the title of this post.  This morning I woke up bright and early to head to a new gym and try a new class.

Several months ago, I joined Crunch (an NYC gym that opened a location in CT).  It took forever for them to open, but it finally happened.  The main reason I joined was for a class using the TRX which was included in membership.  My other gyms have it, but it's a small group training class and there is a fee.

So I finally made it this morning.  It was OK.  I do feel like I got a decent strength training workout, however the class is only 30 minutes long, and I feel that is too short.  It was pretty  much one exercise for each muscle and I would have liked more.  I will likely take the class again, but it will have to be part of my strength training, not the whole thing.

Adjusting to a new gym is tough.  I'm so used to my other gyms that this left me a bit disappointed.  My first complaint was that there were no tissues.  I'm a nose runner.  Second, they don't give towels.  I'm just spoiled in that area since NYSC does. I showered there before work and had to bring a gym towel and a shower towel.  If I did that everyday, my laundry would be out of control.  Lastly, I just can't understand joining a gym without spinning, but I'm biased. :)

Right now I give it a solid OK, but since it's really inexpensive and close by, I will stick with it.

And now let's bang out this Monday!

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