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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New day, new class

Happy hump day y'all!!  :)

I'm glad it's Wednesday for a few reasons.  First, I'm seeing my awesome friend D tonight, and second, it's one day closer to Friday (and I'm off Friday, so today is kind of like my Thursday).  Friday is moving day (not looking forward to that) and my cabinets are finally being delivered.  So excited to see progress on the never ending renovation!

I got a good amount of packing done last night (I opted out of the gym), but still have quite a bit to do.  I know it will all get done because it HAS TO.

Since plans tonight will keep me away from the gym I woke up bright and early and hit the gym pre-work.  I took a class called Tread and Shed.  I saw it on Monday and wasn't overly impressed, but decided to give it a try.  Essentially it's an interval class done on a treadmill. 

I'd say there were 12-15 people.  The instructor has a mic and her own music (which is a little odd since the treadmills you use are right there with the rest of the cardio equipment).  Since every one is on their own machine, they can work at their own level.  She used the concept of 4 zones, with zone 4 being your all-out max.  We mixed it up with speed work as well as with hill work.

It was 30 minutes and went by pretty quickly. I should have paid closer attention to my stats post class, but I didn't. I pushed myself to run/jog for most of the class, but many just walked/speed walked.  Overall I give her class a thumbs up.  She had good music and was high energy.  Most of her songs were songs I use in spin (always a good thing!).

After that was a Belly, Butt, and Thighs class, but I decided to skip it since I've got Spin tomorrow and then the 5K on Saturday.  Instead I opted to do some upper body stuff.  It all felt very good!

While warming up, I ran in to one of my old Monday spin guys.  He wasn't there the day I announced that I was leaving, so he came up to me all "what happened??".  Once I explained, he understood, but said that he loved my class and really misses it.  It was very nice to hear that.  It's unfortunate to me that the members had to suffer.  Yes, I could have kept the class, but then I'd be the one suffering.  There was no easy answer.  The irony is that the position I had a conflict with is being eliminated mid-May, so I guess we'll see what happens then.

Time to work.  Have a fabulous Wednesday!!

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