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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A bit sore

I'm pleasantly surprised that I'm a little sore today since I wasn't expecting much from my 30 minute TRX class.

However, I'm pretty much just sore in my abs, which is pretty awesome since I only did a 30 second plank and then 8-10 pikes.  Pikes are tough, so I'm sure that's what did it, but still...nice.

Guess the one exercise per body part didn't really do the trick.

If my schedule allows, I may try the class again this week and this time I'm going to try to kick my own butt by pushing as hard as I can.  Stay tuned.

For tonight's workout, I'm conflicted.  I really NEED to pack, but I really WANT to box.  The class isn't until 7 so I could go home and pack for an hour pre-class, but don't see myself making it to class if I did that.  On the flip side the class doesn't end until 8ish so I won't be home until late at which point i'll still need to eat dinner.  Hrmph.  Guess maybe the class isn't in the cards. :(

In other 5K is in four days and I've run over 3 miles once.  Should be interesting.  Maybe a run tonight??

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